Uploading supplier product lists >

Supplier product lists can be uploaded to your TradeKit account, allowing you to then add items from those product lists to a given job.

To upload a new product list:

  1. Hover over the account menu and click 'Admin'
  2. Select the 'Products' tab and then click 'Upload product list'
  3. Click 'Select a CSV file to upload' and select the appropriate file
  4. Enter a 'Product list name' - this will be shown when searching for items from the product list
  5. Adjust the 'Item code', 'Description', 'Qty type', 'Cost price', and 'Retail price' column numbers to match the CSV file you are uploading. For example if the product 'Description' is the third column in your CSV file (column C in Excel), set it to 'Column 3'
  6. If the CSV file you are uploading contains column headers (e.g. a text description of the column such as 'Part No.'), tick the 'This product list has column headings' option
  7. If the description fields in the CSV file you are uploading do not contain a qty type (e.g. EA, 4pk, per meter), tick the 'Append qty type to the end of product descriptions' option
  8. Click 'Submit'.

After uploading a new product list, it's recommended that you add some items to a job and double check that everything looks correct, paying particular attention to the cost price and retail price fields.